Security Tips

19 September 2021

US-CERT Tips describe and offer advice about common security issues for non-technical computer users. Tips are restricted to a single topic, although complex issues may span multiple tips. Each tip builds upon the knowledge, both terminology and content, of those published prior to it.

Can Data Protection be Taken Too Seriously?

From large enterprise boardrooms to the small entrepreneur just starting out, companies are finding that their data can be much too easily stolen or compromised. They're understanding that those who would maliciously invade their domains live by a short, concise mantra:

If we want to get in . . . We will.

Now cybersecurity specialists across the board are telling us that these would-be hackers are right. And the telling is so frequent—so constant—corporate leadership and IT personnel can hardly think about anything else.

Furthermore, for those in the financial, health care, online retail, and other sectors, the threat is even more grave. That's because data compromised can often be used to target others. And this can occur whether you're a small, thriving doctor's office or a full-fledged, multi-site hospital system.

Computer TechnologyYou need to be aware of these threats and become proactive in mitigating against them. Research shows that data theft is usually preceded by several months of previously undetected access. Clearly, the standard IT paradigm of reacting after a problem is found just won't cut it.

ClearDay Systems can help. While no one can guarantee your networks won't be compromised, we can get ahead of the game and look at things like company security policies, potential holes in your border connections, and ongoing monitoring of "the wire" internally.

We'll work with you to help you protect your firm's valuable data as equal partners. Companies small and large need to stick together to find collective solutions.

No one should be left alone to solve this problem anew for themselves. In us, you've got a friend.

At ClearDay Systems . . . Not a Cloud in the Sky.

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