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19 September 2021

US-CERT Tips describe and offer advice about common security issues for non-technical computer users. Tips are restricted to a single topic, although complex issues may span multiple tips. Each tip builds upon the knowledge, both terminology and content, of those published prior to it.

Do Platform and Provider Really Matter?

Messaging IconEmail is perhaps the single most important Internet application your business can deploy. It's arguably even more important than a website, at least in the beginning. And the means you choose to employ to stay in touch with your customers can make all the difference.

Consider the following questions:

  • Q. Can I go wrong using a free email provider like or Google's Gmail?
  • Q. Are there security implications with using one provider or platform over another?
  • Q. How hard/expensive is it to keep my messaging system in-house?
  • Q. What's the best method for avoiding annoying spam?

For large firms, the answers to some of these questions are self-evident. For small or medium businesses, on the other hand—especially those just starting out—the questions can be daunting.

Remember that part of building a business includes developing and maintaining brand awareness—you want your customers to know who you are at every step of the way, and you want to reinforce that knowledge and build on it frequently. You wouldn't think of using a business card with someone else's logo on it as long as it had your name.

ClearDay Systems takes a look at your needs. We help tailor a solution right for you to help you minimize spam, prevent access from prying eyes, and keep your messaging systems up and running constantly so you never miss the important things.

And whether that brings us to service providers or keeps email in-house, you can be certain that your brand stays at the forefront of every time an email is sent.

Contact us about the options available. We'll make sure this side of your business is taken care of.

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