Can Data Protection Be Taken
Too Seriously?


Do Platform and Provider
Really Matter?


Will I Always Have To Pay Others
To Manage My Website?

For Businesses of All Sizes

Many are saying we need to move to a centralized model. They say "the Cloud" is our salvation.

But how many of them can guarantee a secure environment?

At ClearDay Systems, we believe in a distributed, de-centralized model. Even the largest companies maintain multiple datacenters—a hedge against potential catastrophic events, whether from freak accidents, terrorism, riots, or even cybersecurity breaches.

We won't ask you to put all your data in the cloud just because others are doing so. Because your data is critical to the pursuit of your firm's ambitions, we will work with you to store archives off-site. If you have critical data that can't be compromised, we can help you find a datacenter product that fits your needs and isn't a prime target for the malicious threats that shroud the Cloud.

And if you do maintain on-site networks, we can help you to secure them by testing for weaknesses, building additional safeguards at the edge of your network, and actively monitoring for potential threats that may find their way in.

Learn more about what it means to truly secure your data in this age of break-ins. Don't buy in to the hype. Instead, work with us to find a tailored solution to meet your firm's needs, whether a small or medium business or larger concerns that desire to forge on in maintaining control of their own networks.

At ClearDay Systems . . . Not a cloud in the sky.

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